How it works

CapitalBuyback have made selling your mobile surprisingly easy and extremely fast!

1Register Sale
Takes few minutes to complete

You need to find your mobile phone on our web site. You will see a wide variety of mobile phones. Just select your phone model accurately.

2Get Sales Pack
Get free sale pack or print your own labels

You'll get a choice to request a FREE sales pack or you can print your own pack.


3Send Your Phone
Post us your Phone / Device

You will have to post your phone to us within 14 days of the date when you place your order by using our Free delivery pack or your own special delivery. Further delay might end up cancelling your order.

4Fast and Easy Payment
Same day we receive your phone

Once CapitalBuyback receive your phone or device, we check your order and if all is correct we'll make payment on the same day of receipt. You smile, we smile.

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